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Straight Piped Koenigsegg CCXR Sounds Like a War Cry, Exhaust Costs $25,000

Koenigseggs are hardly the kind of machines that strike one as aftermarket material, since these Angelholm machines are fierce enough when they leave the factory. However, there is one aspect that certain owners might want to dial up to eleven and that is the soundtrack.
Straight Piped Koenigsegg CCXR 3 photos
Straight Piped Koenigsegg CCXRStraight Piped Koenigsegg CCXR
Regardless of the model, a machine with a K badge will keep a twin-turbo V8 in its center section. And it's no secret that the TT setup isn't exactly the best choice when it comes to the kind of musch die-hard aficionados like to enjoy.

Of course, the Swedish automotive producer makes sure its models sound aggressive enough, but the factory setup must also allow these toys to be drone-free for long distance trips.

Koenigsegg's exhaust game has evolved over the years, as it the case with the rest of the carmaker's hardware and software (they even do as much as possible of the coding in-house), but those who own older models might just seek some extra aural thrills.

Well, the owner of the CCXR we have here has now found just that. To be more precise, the toy has been fitted with a custom titanium exhaust, one that allows it to sound like Thor in the middle of a battle.

This is a CCXR Trevita, with only two examples in the world - you're looking at the only one in North America. And the custom hardware we're talking about is a titanium catback exhaust and it seems like we're dealing with a straight pipe here.

The custom job (this is one-off hardware, at least for now) was handled by Califormia-based Boden Autohaus and it seems this is the company's Gen III Koenigsegg exhaust - for instance, the owner of the aero-tuned Egg we discussed earlier this week took to Instagram to mention he might have to swap his Gen I exhaust with this one. And, according to YouTuber Damon Fryer (Daily Driven Exotics), this exhaust came with a financial side of $25,000.

This year's SEMA show will see the CCXR Trevita showcasing its titanium jewelry, but, until then, you can get a soundcheck in the pair of clips below.


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