Stopping to Help Someone on the Highway at Night Isn’t Always a Good Idea

OK, so you’re cruising down the highway at night and there’s no traffic, when you see some cones in the middle of the road, a car on the emergency lane and a man looking to be needing some help. What do you do?
Suspicious roadblock at night 1 photo
Photo: screenshot from Youtube
Well, after you’ll see the video here, the answer might be to floor it and never look back, but that depends on the circumstances. Cones placed in the middle of the other two lanes is usually such a circumstance.

At first, you might be thinking that the driver really needs help and no one was stopping before placing those cones in the middle of the highway. But if you have a second thought, the law forbids people to intentionally obstruct the traffic, which is a dead giveaway here that something’s fishy...

The man filming this with a dashcam, driving what it sounds to be a Subaru BRZ or Scion FR-S (Toyota GT-86), did came to a stop in the front of the “roadblock” only to discover the other “troubled” guy coming by his window and reaching for something in his pocket.

Yep, that’s the time to floor it and learn that roadblocks placed by anybody else than the authorities should be avoided at all cost. And always try to dodge the obstacles instead of simply hitting them, even if they look as inoffensive as rubber/plastic cones. You can’t be sure what they are hiding.

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