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Stop Scaring Cattle and Work Silently With an All-Electric Ranger XP Kinetic UTV
Let's face it, the electrification of everything is underway. Now, it's starting to spew over into an industry that seems to be embracing it with open arms, off-road, and utility vehicles.

Stop Scaring Cattle and Work Silently With an All-Electric Ranger XP Kinetic UTV

Ranger XP Kinetic (Action)Ranger XP Kinetic (Action)Ranger XP Kinetic (Action)Ranger XP Kinetic ChargingRanger XP Kinetic CockpitRanger XP Kinetic (Action)Ranger XP Kinetic (Action)Ranger XP Kinetic (Action)Ranger XP Kinetic (Action)
Folks, before you, is a vehicle that has been dubbed Ranger XP Kinetic. To give you an idea of what it is and why you should keep reading this article for the next few minutes, it's an all-electric utility vehicle from one of the world's renowned off-road vehicle manufacturers, Polaris.

Now, Polaris has another electric utility vehicle, Ranger EV, but its Kinetic that brings forth the freshest tech Polaris has been working on, and I must say, it looks to be packing quite a punch. Not to mention that they're completely sold out on the manufacturer's website.

Overall, Polaris showcases two vehicles, the Kinetic Premium and Kinetic Ultimate. Premium starts off at 25,000 USD (21,835 EUR at current exchange rates), while Ultimate is 30,000 USD (26,202 EUR). Time to see what's in store this time around.

Aside from Kinetic being an electric vehicle, through rigorous testing, Polaris created a vehicle that can perform in an array of conditions. Best of all, the power you'll be getting from the electronic systems is...well, we all know how that feels.

To keep things simple, I'll focus my attention on Premium as it offers the baseline for the new family and briefly touch upon why you should dish out an extra five grand and pick up the Ultimate.

Overall, Kinetic Premium starts with 14.9 kWh of juice stored in a lithium-ion battery. This is good for an estimated range of 45 mi (72 km); it should do for a couple of rounds on the ranch for sure. The battery is charged via a 3 kW onboard charger installed by Polaris. All charging capabilities aside, another source for Kinetic's power is its regenerative braking, yet, it's not specified just how much power is restored.

All that electricity then has to go somewhere, and it does, right into an internal permanent magnet AC motor that cranks out 110 hp. With a Gates synchronous belt and active air and liquid cooling, this puppy can generate 140 lb-ft (189.8 Nm) of torque. This means you can tow 2,500 lbs (1,133 kg) behind you while still featuring a 1,500 lb (680 kg) payload capacity.

With all standard features, the Premium features a dry weight of 1,730 lbs (785 kg), while the Ultimate rides in at 1,980 lbs (898 kg). Why 250 lbs (113 kg) heavier? Well, one thing that sets Ultimate apart from Premium is the ability to house 29.8 kWh of juice and features a 6 kW charger. With this setup, the range is extended to 80 mi (129 km) instead of just 45 mi (72 km). As far as power and speed, everything remains the same.

Each Kinetic comes in with a wheelbase of 81 in (206 cm), is 62.5 in (159 cm) wide, and 78 in (198 cm) high. In all, 120 in (304 cm) of length is what you'll occupy; it should be easily doable if you need to move your Kinetic to another area. Heck, some trucks can haul one of these; forklift not included.

Dual A-arm front and rear suspensions each offer 10 in (25.4 cm) of travel, while 4-wheel hydraulic brakes help you control all your cargo. In-transmission parking is also part of the deal.

Another place Polaris gave special attention to is the cockpit. Here, dual-sweep analog dials, a 4 in (10 cm) multi-color LCD information center, selectable lighting, and just about any gauge possible are all within arm's reach and in view of a quick eye. Because of the heavy use of electronics, battery voltage and temperature gauges and a herd of other instruments keep you updated on your vehicle's status.

Now, let's say you feel like Kinetic is the vehicle for you to have in your possession. If it is, remember that Polaris offers an endless list of options and extras to add to Kinetic. Just remember to bring along some extra bucks.

While most folks may use this vehicle as a workhorse, another customer Polaris tapers to is the hunter and offers things like a camo paint job and storage for game.

Personally, I'm all for the electrification that's happening now. After all, someday soon, we'll be integrating solar energy into vehicles like these; just think of the possibilities then.


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