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Stolen Mustang Incident Ends With a Crash, Police Officer Shoots the Driver

Stealing cars may be something to give some people the right kicks, but like all misdeeds, it is virtually impossible to escape the long arm of the law. On this particular occasion, we are covering what may be the first ever 2015 Ford Mustang to have been stolen.
Stolen Mustang crashed in DeSoto, Texas 6 photos
Stolen Mustang crashed in DeSoto, TexasStolen Mustang crashed in DeSoto, TexasStolen Mustang crashed in DeSoto, TexasStolen Mustang crashed in DeSoto, TexasStolen Mustang crashed in DeSoto, Texas
S550 deliveries may have started last year, but we didn’t hear of any stolen examples of the all-new generation Mustang. According to a report from Fox News, an Oxford White-painted 2015 Ford Mustang was stolen out of DeSoto, Texas.

The fiasco started at the end of February, when the DeSoto Police Department investigated the stealing of an 11-foot monster truck - a Ford F-350, used by its owner as a marketing tool. Thanks to surveillance footage, the police started investigating the case.

A few days after the 2002 MY Ford F-350 monster truck was found by the police badly damaged, the DeSoto PD received further information regarding who was behind all of these unfortunate thefts.

As faith would have it, officers crossed path with the car thief, who has behind the wheel of a pickup truck. Needless to say, a high-speed chase followed soon after the encounter.

Just a few blocks after the chase started, the car thief jumped out of the truck and into the passenger seat of the white Mustang you can see in the photo gallery below. After repeated commands from the police to stop and exit the vehicle, the driver of the Mustang put the car into reverse, running over an officer.

Alas, another officer started shooting and a bullet hit the driver, thus putting an end to the chase, with the Mustang hitting a wood fence with its rear fascia. Fox News reports that the man that was shot will survive and both the car thief and the driver of the 2015 Ford Mustang are now in police custody.

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