Stock Range Rover Attacks Muddy Trail, Takes Down Tree in Hilarious Video

You're not a real rider until you've fallen off a bike, and you're not a real car fanatic until you've taken a vehicle off the beaten path, are some of the things you'll probably hear from certain people. And if off-roading gets your heart racing, you should stick around and watch this clip. Actually, you should do that if it doesn't because it's one hilarious footage.
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You may want to cue the Benny Hill music for this one, as it shows a stock Range Rover from the previous generation going downhill on a very muddy course through the woods. The person filming it (or the one next to them) cannot stop shouting at the driver in a language that we're not familiar (is that Chinese?) with as they blast through the extremely slippery path with no control whatsoever.

The person holding the wheel hit a few bumps while the camera was rolling. You can see the brake lights on, which reveals just how desperate they were to bring the luxury SUV to a complete stop, and that's what they did eventually, albeit not without bending that pretty body. The white 4x4 failed to go around a corner, and it finally stopped after hitting a tree and taking it down as the crowd went "whoa."

The bumper, grille, and perhaps one or both headlamps suffered as a result of the impact. The tree may have smashed the front windscreen and probably left its mark on other components, as it fell on the roof. No one was injured due to this reckless driving through the woods, on a more positive note, and we think this was the driver's last attempt at trying to conquer the wilderness behind the wheel of their pricey SUV.

Here's a tip if they somehow developed an appetite for off-roading: equip your car with chunky tires. Give it a bulbar, too, with an integrated winch, a pair of tubular side steps, trail lights, a snorkel, and a few other things. And while you're at it, you should perhaps choose something less expensive than a Range Rover. That way, you will cry less if the inevitable happens, and you will also have it up and running again without spending an excessive amount of cash on it. Something like a Toyota Hilux or a Nissan Patrol should be on the list. Or at least a Suzuki Jimny, as it is one feisty off-roader with a proper ladder-frame construction and low-range gearbox.

By the way, if you know where this incident happened, drop a line and let us know. As for the when part, the clip shared below came via an Instagram account that originally uploaded it back in February, so it is likely a few months old.

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