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Steven Spielberg Is Set To Direct a New Bullitt Movie, Just in Time for the New Mustang

The famous car chase from the 1968 thriller Bullitt will have a sequel, according to rumors exclusively presented by Deadline. Steven Spielberg will direct the movie, while Academy Award winner Josh Singer will write the script. There is no timeline, but we hope the new movie will arrive just in time to promote a new “Bullitt” version of the seventh generation Mustang.
Sean Kiernan driving his original 1968 Mustang that starred in movie Bullitt 8 photos
Bullitt parade at 2018 Woodward Dream CruiseAn all-new 2019 Mustang BULLITT shares the stage with the original 1968 Mustang GT that starred with Steve McQueen in the movie “Bullitt.” Both cars are on display at the 2018 North American International Auto Show in Detroit2019 Ford Mustang BullittBullitt on Display at National MallOnce considered lost forever, the original 1968 Ford Mustang GT from the Warner Bros. movie “Bullitt” is headed for Washington, D.C.New 2019 Mustang Bullitt with original Bullitt MustangOriginal 1968 Mustang from movie Bullitt in Sean Kiernan's secret barn in Nashville
Steve McQueen has become an instant Hollywood legend right behind the wheel of the Ford Mustang, just as the pony car has become an instant Hollywood star following some of the most famous car chases in movie history. Lt. Frank Bullitt’s car was so dear to petrolheads around the world that Ford decided to offer not one, but three generations of the Mustang Bullitt, in 2001, 2008, and 2019, respectively. This corresponds with the latest three generations of the model.

It’s safe to say that the Ford Mustang Bullitt will have another take for the seventh generation of the sports car. This should happen, like before, a few years after the regular coupe and convertible will get to their first customers next year. And when it comes, it’s most probably that Ford will seize the opportunity and promote the next Mustang Bullitt in the future Bullitt movie.

The new project Steven Spielberg is working on will have an original script and is not a remake of the original movie. We don’t know where we will be able to see the first trailers, let alone the whole movie. According to Deadline, the movie will not be Steven Spielberg’s next project, but the preproduction groundwork has already started.

The movie has been approved by Steve McQueen’s estate and Steve McQueen’s son, Chad, and granddaughter Molly McQueen are said to be named executive producers. According to insiders, Steven Spielberg has been toying with the idea of directing a movie based on the character for quite some time now. Lengthy negotiations for rights to the character have delayed things and Spielberg got involved in new projects but now the time is right to make the jump.


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