Step Inside a Beautifully-Designed 41-foot Tiny House With a Luxurious Kitchen

The Russell Tiny Home reveals a modern single-level layout with a luxurious kitchen 11 photos
Photo: Living Little
Russell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny HouseRussell Tiny House
Don't be fooled by Russell's plain, minimalist exterior; inside, this modern tiny house designed in New Zealand reveals a gorgeous layout meant to satisfy even the most demanding customers. With Russell, there's no need to choose between a super-stylish kitchen, a spacious living room, or an elegant traditional bedroom; everything is within reach and wrapped up in a frame that's easy to transport and relocate to a private property.
"Every space is an opportunity" is a great slogan for tiny living and the main philosophy behind the Living Little brand. The idea is to make the most of your land in terms of accommodation. As this Kiwi builder notes, it's also a wonderful way to bring people together. The same property could comfortably house living spaces for multiple families or provide an extra source of income through rental properties. The potential is huge, and it requires minimal investment in the form of a tiny house. As long as it's well-designed and properly built, a tiny home can prove to be one of the smartest ways to use one's private property.

Additionally, tiny homes beat conventional dwellings in terms of environmental awareness. They make sustainable living not only possible but easy and affordable. From minimizing resources during construction and choosing locally sourced materials to reducing energy and water consumption over the years, along with multiple off-grid options, tiny homes are truly the best option for all the eco-aware minimalists out there.

This Kiwi builder is one of the many businesses trying to make this dream come true, but it also stands out through its focus on high-quality design with a luxurious touch. The Living Little dwellings are meant to be real homes for real people, meaning that spaciousness and comfort are just as important as sustainability and eco-friendly features. In other words, owners don't have to give up the idea of a big family kitchen or a sophisticated bathroom.

Russell Tiny House
Photo: Living Little
The single-level Russell tiny house is a great example. It boasts 50 square meters (538 square feet) of floorspace, beautifully divided into an open-concept area with a spectacular kitchen and a huge lounge, plus a traditional-style enclosed bedroom. One of the best and most unusual perks of this layout is the location of the bathroom, which is almost an en-suite. Oftentimes, tiny homes will have the bedroom at one end and the bathroom all the way to the opposite end, or the bedroom upstairs and the bathroom downstairs.

The Russell Tiny pampers its dwellers with a gorgeous ground-floor bedroom and an en-suite bathroom that's also beautifully styled and equipped with elegant appliances. It truly feels like a sanctuary of rest and relaxation within the larger peaceful oasis of the house itself. Access is a no-brainer, which makes this layout supremely versatile. Big windows bring in abundant light and fresh air. A cozy bed with ample walk-around space dominates the bedroom, while a full-size closet and a slim bookcase provide optimal easy-to-reach storage. What more could you ask for?

As beautiful as the bedroom is, it's the oversized kitchen that makes the Russell Tiny truly shine. You don't have to be a chef to appreciate the value of a gorgeous, spacious kitchen. This one will make you forget you're inside a tiny house. In addition to the generous countertop space, it boasts a large kitchen island that doubles as a flexible dining table. Simple yet elegant cupboards of different sizes offer versatile storage, keeping this entire area clutter-free.

The full-size corner pantry is an unusual addition that saves a great deal of space while maximizing storage. High-quality, full-size appliances are perfectly incorporated without taking up too much space. Even the washing machine can be incorporated underneath the expansive countertop, which frees up more space in the bathroom for an elegant shower cabin and a bigger vanity. It's easy to move around this large kitchen with generous areas for both cooking and dining.

Russell Tiny House
Photo: Living Little
Although this is essentially a two-person home, it boasts the kind of kitchen that brings people together, which is excellent for family gatherings and weekend evenings with friends. Since there's no separation between the kitchen and the lounge, and thanks to the generous floorspace, this entire space can become one big socializing area. Plus, it's surrounded by beautiful views thanks to big windows strategically placed throughout.

Tiny homes rarely boast such spacious lounges. In Russell's case, this is mainly a versatile area that could be configured in many ways, depending on the owners' needs and preferences. It's certainly big enough to provide additional accommodation. At the very least, it offers plenty of room for a classic living room setup with extra storage.

All of this is possible because the Russell Tiny is not so tiny: It's 12.5 meters long (41 feet) and 4.2 meters wide (13.7 feet), almost double the size of a compact house on wheels with a loft layout. This is also not one of the most affordable tiny house models, with pricing around NZD 169,200 ($104,800) for the turnkey version. Still, high-quality materials and furnishings ensure durability in addition to immediate comfort.

Russell Tiny House
Photo: Living Little
The Russell tiny house was designed for long-term accommodation at the highest standards within the restrictions of a house on wheels. One thing's for sure: it's the dream home for folks who appreciate a luxurious kitchen and a stylish single-floor layout overall. A modern kitchen island, an en-suite bathroom, and a sumptuous master bedroom are tiny luxuries that can be enjoyed even inside a tiny house designed for responsible living.
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