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Stellantis Wants To Democratize E-Mobility in Europe With New Rental Program

Wherever you look, it seems like there’s a new EV coming up every day. But car battery packs are not easy to make, nor are they cheap. Digging up rare minerals to produce EV batteries is a challenging and costly process, which ultimately drives up the prices of EVs. Not to mention the current chip shortage and supply chain issues, which aren’t going away too soon.
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While consumers cannot influence how good of a job car companies do in exploiting natural resources to make their batteries, they can choose whether or not they hop on the electric car bandwagon. And Stellantis wants to have a say in that, with the introduction of their brand new “Electric As You Go” rental service.

Designed by the e-Mobility Business Unit at Stellantis, along with PSA Bank and Opel Bank, their objective with this new program is to make EV driving a more affordable option for consumers.

With that in mind, whoever wants to join the program will have to pay a limited initial down payment, a monthly fee starting at €110 (about $112 at the time of writing), plus a 7 cents per km cost per use (with a minimum of 500 km/310 miles per month).

However, the actual cost will depend on the distance actually traveled, which will be calculated via the car’s connectivity feature as “better adapt the total cost of the vehicle to its real use.”

For starters, customers who want to adopt sustainable mobility will be able to choose from a Peugeot e-208, Opel Corsa-e, or an Opel Mokka-e. More options from the Stellantis Group’s range of fully electric vehicles will soon be available.

Part of the Dare Forward 2030 strategic plan at Stellantis, the “Electric As You Go” program is only available in France for the time being, but it’s expected to expand to other European countries in the future.

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