Stellantis Might Bring Back the Cuda, Trademark Filed for Iconic Nameplate Stateside

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Photo: Plymouth
Plymouth BarracudaPlymouth BarracudaPlymouth BarracudaPlymouth BarracudaPlymouth Barracuda
Stellantis is on a roll these days, with multiple car brands within their portfolio launching all sorts of products and preparing others, most of which will tackle the battery-electric game. The automotive giant might also bring back some iconic nameplates to cash in more on these upcoming rides.
As it happens, Stellantis recently filed a trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) for the Cuda nameplate. According to MotorAuthority, which discovered the application, it covers "motor vehicles, namely concept motor vehicles."

So, what does this tell us? That Stellantis might revive the iconic nameplate that was used by Plymouth (Barracuda) back in the day. No one outside the company knows what brand will utilize it and, more importantly, if they're indeed looking to use it on a fresh vehicle of some sorts.

You see, car manufacturers often secure nameplates and leave them to gather dust for many years. This ensures that the competition doesn't have access to them. As a result, even if the automotive giant has filed a trademark for the Cuda nameplate, that doesn't also mean that we will see a brand-new Cuda in the near future.

Plymouth Barracuda
Photo: Plymouth
Nevertheless, on second thought, the application refers to "motor vehicles" and "concept motor vehicles." Therefore, it is possible that Stellantis might have a new concept in the making, and it might be christened the Cuda. Logic tells us it will be a muscle car, perhaps with a partially or a fully electrified drivetrain, which might be uncovered at an upcoming major auto show stateside.

It will be interesting to see what this model is and if it signals the potential launch of a production version, albeit with a toned-down design. Moreover, we are extremely curious to learn what brand will leave its mark on it. We reckon Chrysler might be brought into this game since Dodge currently has the all-new Charger duo in its lineup, in coupe and sedan flavors, with EV and ICE power.

That's what we think, anyway, and there's nothing to suggest that will indeed happen. We wouldn't get our hopes up for a possible production version, as it seems wishful thinking at this point. After all, there is always the possibility that Stellantis might simply leave this nameplate unused.

By the way, since Dodge's brand-new muscle car is now known as the Charger, the Challenger moniker is waiting to be reused. We wouldn't be surprised to learn that Stellantis has some sort of a plan for this nameplate, as it would be a pity to leave it gathering dust.

So, what do you think Stellantis is planning to do with the Cuda nameplate? Will it indeed be a concept car? And will it preview a production model? Let us know by dropping a line in the comments area below.
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Editor's note: H/T to MotorAuthority.

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