Stealth Porsche 911 Turbo Becomes America's Fastest with 179 MPH 1/2-Mile Run

How was your weekend? If you happen to belong to the Porsche-loving community, we have to mention that the past days have brought a new milestone for the 991 genre. And that's because the 911 Turbo you're looking at has become America's fastest.
Stealth Porsche 911 Turbo Sets 1/2-Mile US Record 3 photos
Stealth Porsche 911 Turbo Sets 1/2-Mile US RecordStealth Porsche 911 Turbo Sets 1/2-Mile US Record
To be more precise, the 991.1 Porsche 911 Turbo managed to deliver a 179.43 mph half-mile run. The supercar proved its performance with multiple passes in the said velocity area, with the adventure having taken place at the Shiftsector event in California.

The stealth appearance of this Neunelfer conceals some serious tech mods. And while we're not aware of the exact mods packed by the flat-six, this Neunelfer was modded by BBI Autosport, a specialist that races and tunes Zuffenhausen machines. Nevertheless, we can tell you that the motor has gone from the 3.8-liter factory displacement to a 4.0-liter setup.

Nevertheless, the rear side window air intakes, along with the rear wing of the boosted supercar, could be considered obstacles during such high-velocity runs. Certain owners decide to play the risky card and remove the wings of their machines during such event, but this wasn't the case here.

Note that the record we have here is true for the US side of the 991 Porsche 911 Turbo adventure. As for the worldwide picture, this Neunelfer could face some serious competition.

And the spiciest 991-gen 911 Turbo we can think of comes all the way from Bahrain. We're talking about a car whose flat-six was massaged by Turkish specialist Esmotor, with the motor being pushed all the way to 1,073 hp and 1,028 lb-ft of twist. Keep in mind that these are the values at the wheels, which means the crank hp sits at about 1,200 ponies.

For now, the said Porscha 911 Turbo has been put to work in the quarter-mile sprint, with the machine having set a world record of 8.99s at 160.7 mph.


We did it! Officially the fastest 991 turbo in America. Did multiple 1/2 mile passes at 179.43 mph at this weekends @shifts3ctor My friends at @bbiautosport took on the task of making my 991 Turbo go fast. They were successful. I want to personally thank @betim.berisha @the_engine_builder @porsche_builder and the rest of the #bbiautosport family. #bbi #arobahn #shiftsector #porsche #turbo #4.0 #race #racecar

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#porsche #bbiautosport #turbo #shifts3ctor

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