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Stealth Koenigsegg Jesko Shows Understated Spec, Has No Wing

The Koenigsegg Jesko has the kind of road presence that can hardly be described as discreet. However, the Angelholm monster is still a car, which means its spec can heavily influence the way in which we perceive it.
Stealth Koenigsegg Jesko 1 photo
While the Swedish carmaker choose the purity of white for the show car, which is currently touring the world, we've already seen renderings portraying the Egg in various configurations. For instance, here's one that has "China Dragon" written all over it, with this making the machine stand out like nothing else on the market.

However, none of those pixel plays served the same purpose as the one sitting before us: this rendering shows the Koenigsegg Jesko in stealth spec.

The most important ingredients of this eye candy recipe come from the shaving (think: no rear wing) and the hue adorning the body of the hypercar.

And we can thank digital artist Yasid Oozeear for this, with the pixel wielder having decided to place the Jesko in the busy-yet-packed-with-supercars London landscape (here's how far parking jobs have gone in the British capital).

In fact, there's more to this rendering that meets the eye. For one thing, Koenigsegg will probably have to give up that generously-sized wing that current adorns the posterior of the Jesko. Of course, I'm talking about the confirmed top speed version (call it a sister car, if you will) of the Jesko.

This should be able to travel north of 300 mph and will probably bring Koenigsegg yet another velocity record, something that can obbiously come in handy when having a chat with a Bugatti owner.

PS: Since we mentioned the white finish of the Jesko that's currently touring the world, perhaps we should take a bit of time to remember that the hypercar packs no less than 34 layers of paint.


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