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Starcraft's $31K Super Lite Maxx Packs the Punch of Campers Twice Its Size and Price
Sure, you can purchase some RV that will drain every cent from your bank account, but most folks like you and me don't need any gator skin to be at one with the natural world. This brings me to the wonder we'll be living out of for the next few minutes, Starcraft RV's Super Lite Maxx.

Starcraft's $31K Super Lite Maxx Packs the Punch of Campers Twice Its Size and Price

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The Maxx from this buggers name is all you need to know about what to expect from life in a Super Lite; maximum comfort and outdoor integration, well, as much as nearly $31,000 (€30,500 at current exchange rates) can bring you. Yes, this is the starting price for one of these units, but by the time you add some extras, you'll really be looking at a slightly more expensive trailer. Still, let's see what the bare minimum unit can achieve.

Folks, the name Starcraft is said to have been around since 1903, when this manufacturer hit the market designing and building farm equipment. After years in that business, 1964 brought with it a change, and one that would ultimately define the Starcraft name; this crew started manufacturing tent campers. Today, this brand is synonymous with American RV culture, much like names such as Winnebago and Airstream.

Well, all those years of experience have been poured into each Super Lite that leaves the Starcraft lot. Before I go on, let me point out that four different floorplans are available for this camper, and three out of the four include slideouts. Nonetheless, to help simplify your expectations, I'll stick to features common to all units. Yet I feel obligated to mention that the largest unit, and also the most expensive, the 19MBH, can sleep up to eight guests. That's more than some fifth wheels.

One of the attraction points of this camper is the way it's built. In a similar fashion to all Starcraft campers, here, too, you will find an aluminum-framed shell with fiberglass sidewalls and a roof that, get this, can support up to 4,500 pounds (2,040 kilograms) of pressure in test trials. What's this mean for you and your family? It means a safe enclosure, sealed off to the elements, and above all, able to literally support tons of cargo. Sure, you shouldn't go anywhere near that limit as your axles may give out, but the roof can take it.

Let's say you pick up one of these babies and have taken it out for its first trip. Off-road radial tires and aluminum rims will be the base for your travels, but so will the torsion axle and increased ground clearance. Yes, take that dirt road you saw out of the corner of your eye.

Once you've arrived at a surprise destination, it's time to unleash the seedlings (children) and start preparing your campsite. Awnings will need to be unfurled, solar panels hooked up, and exterior galleys heated while all your other gear is removed from its storage bays. Inside, you can start preparing the meal for this evening while the kids take a hot bath. Best of all, the toilet sits separately from the shower on all floorplans, so there's no waiting in line for the opportunity to freshen up.

With the dinner bells rung, and bellies full, some of the group decides to enjoy a movie; the rest sit outside the campfire and share stories of the past gone and future to come. Before you know it, stars appear in the sky, and after enjoying the view, it's off to sleep. Turn off the TVs, sound systems, the LED lighting, and good night.

With bones rested the next day, it's time to take in all that the local landscape has to offer. This would mean kayaks are taken down from the roof and even e-bikes prepared if you managed to add a rack to your mobile dwelling. Whatever other ideas you have in mind, let Starcraft know, and they'll do their best to rack up as large a bill as possible.

When I started this article, I stated that you don't need lots of cash to have a good time outside the city landscape, and frankly, the Super Lite Maxx seems to be showcasing the capabilities of a camper that may be near twice this price, and that's something to think about.

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Images in the gallery showcase interiors and exteriors from unknown floorplans.


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