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Star Citizen Unveils a Massive Space Hauler, Crowdfunding Passes $400 Million

Star Citizen is by far the most expensive video game that hasn’t been released. Despite developer Cloud Imperium Games not providing a firm launch date, fans of the genre continue to pour their wallets into the development of the game.
Argo RAFT hauler 6 photos
Star Citizen's new Argo RAFT haulerStar Citizen's new Argo RAFT haulerStar Citizen's new Argo RAFT haulerStar Citizen's new Argo RAFT haulerStar Citizen's new Argo RAFT hauler
During the game’s annual aerospace event, CIG promised to take the wraps off some new ships that players willing to pay hundreds of dollars will be able to fly in the unfinished game.

One of the new ships revealed during the show is a massive hauler, the so-called Argo RAFT (Reinforced Advanced Freight Transport). The ship can be used for both long- and short-range cargo-hauling routes since it comes equipped with facilities onboard for the crew, including beds, bathroom, breakout area, and food-making facilities.

Although it may look massive, the Argo RAFT isn’t the biggest hauler in Star Citizen, nor it pretends to be. However, it’s more armored than other ships in the same class, such as the Freelancer and Cutlass, which have greater offensive firepower as an offset.

If you’re playing Star Citizen, then you’ll probably want to know that this vessel features an impressive maximum payload of 96 SCU, which means it can accommodate three 32 SCU exterior cargo containers.

More importantly, the hauler can stand on its own against combat ships thanks to the remotely operated turret factory-armed with twin Size-3 laser repeaters, state-of-the-art fortified armor, and hardpoints capable of equipping Size-1 weapons.

The Argo RAFT can accommodate two players, though the ship can be managed with just one. Typically, the second player’s role is to use the remote turret for defense or to tackle any issues related to engineering/repair when necessary, whereas the other player can focus on flying the ship.

Those who’d like to own the ship and support the development of the game at the same time can get the Argo RAFT for as low as $110. Keep in mind, though, that once the cargo ship is made flyable in Star Citizen, you can get it for in-game credits instead.

Don’t forget that Star Citizen is running a Free Fly event until December 1, which grants access to most of the ships and the game itself at no cost.

Meanwhile, the game’s perennial crowdfunding campaign recently exceeded $400 million. Notable, Star Citizen now features nearly 3.4 million registered accounts.


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