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Star Citizen Players Overdose Each Other with Healing Injections After Controversial Patch

Star Citizen might never be released, but that doesn’t stop developers from making changes to some parts of the game that are currently playable. Unfortunately, the latest Star Citizen patch led to some undesired effects that completely overturned the developer’s intention to change the way “death” functions in the game.
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Previously teased at Citizencon, the most recent update was supposed to make “death” more permanent in Star Citizen. The main highlight of the changes is that once you die, you lose everything that you carry, whereas previously, “death” was a minor hindrance in the game.

With the addition of the new inventory and persistence mechanic in the latest update, players who die will not just lose all their stuff, but they can also be looted by other players. Now, players who spawn in the starting areas are being killed by other players for their loot.

Although PvP is restricted in these starting areas, players have found a way to kill other players by overdosing them with needle injections. Since these are supposed to heal the player, they are not seen as PvP, so anyone can use them in these starting areas. That wouldn’t be such a problem if getting stabbed by multiple healing injections wouldn’t have triggered death by overdose.

What happens now is people are ganking on other players who appear in these starting areas to loot their stuff. If a player wears at least decent gear, it’s highly likely that they will be stabbed to death with these needle injections.

Even though some players who absolutely must pass through these starting areas are trying to prevent being killed by using an anti-overdose medicine, the use of multiple needle injections will still overdose them.

The fact that some Star Citizen players are running around stabbing other players with syringes might sound hilarious, but I wouldn’t want to be the person who loses all their stuff due to an exploit.


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