Stanced Porsche 959 Rendered, Has Mad Camber

"Only the outer lip of the wheel must clear the arch!" - this is the kind of thought that guides a tuning job belonging to the #stanced subculture. And if you're not sure what that hashtag described, the Porsche 959 r-e-n-d-e-r-i-n-g we have here might just shed some light on the matter.
Stanced Porsche 959 Rendered 1 photo
The Zuffenhausenh halo car we have here is mostly stock, save for the ground clearance, which wouldn't allow you to slide a match box under the car.

Of course, we must also mention the custom wheels. However, it's not the rims' multi-spoke centers, ot their uber-polished lips that draw the most attention. Oh no.

Instead, that role goes to the negative camber angle present here, whose only role is an aesthetic one, which will send purists on a rage trip.

Now, this image might be just pixel work coming from the playful mind of Khyzyl Saleem, but the phenomenon behind it isn't.

Heck, just earlier today we discussed a slammed Porsche 991 from Japan. Nevertheless, the 997 featured a fairly usable camber angles (street use, that is), while its air suspension meant the driver doesn't have a phobia related to speed bumps.

And you shouldn't imagine that names such as Ferrari and Lamborghini are overlooked by this tuning subculture. In fact, we've talked about an F355 and a Diablo that are chilling much closer to the road than their makers intended.

The main idea is to start off with a car that's in pretty good condition rather than go for a poorly maintained one. Then you lower it in order to accentuate the clean factory look.

Of course, some might say that the said ride height reduction is what gets in the way of the car's stock appearance, but the debate can go on for days and that's not the point, so let's just enjoy these cold pixels, shall we?


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