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UPDATE: Stanced McLaren F1 Looks Ruined, Sits On the Ground

No, there's no need to throw your device out the window or even throw rotten tomatoes at the screen - the image we have here is a mere rendering. And the pixel work comes as a trolling effort, rather than some sort of exploratory stunt that would serve as the first stage of a real-world build. So this McLaren F1 was stanced for the fun of it.
Stanced McLaren F1 rendering 1 photo
The rendering shows the British icon basically glue to the ground. This kind of ride height would obviously involve an air suspension and the sheer idea of messing with the handling and ride of the F1 for the sake of jumping the subculture bandwagon can make an aficioando roar in anger.

Then we have the custom wheels. And while this is a subjective matter, we'd be more concerned about the extreme camber angle of the hypercar (we've already made our point above).

This piece of dark humor comes from Khyzyl Saleem, a pixel wilder who constantly likes to challenge conversions. In fact, the digital artist has been in a hypercar-ruining mood lately.

And as a result of this, the car lover played with machines such as the Pagani Huayra, the Koenigsegg Agera RS and the Koenigseg Regera (that's right, the Jesko is the one that got away, at least so far).

Now, in case you want to be reminded how awesome Gordon Murray's toy is, we've brought along a piece of footage that talks about this. The clip, which awaits you below, comes from the Internet's favorite quirks and features guy.

That's right, we're talking about Doug DeMuro, who recenty got to play with Jay Leno's example of the Woking rocket. The former Tonight Show host got behind the wheel for the final part of the adventure, giving Doug quite a shotgun ride, V8 engine impersonation and all.

Update:Here's a McLaren F1 Shooting Brake rendering that makes the stanced example we have here seem normal.

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