SsangYong July Sales: 71 Cars

Some people said that SsangYong has already reached the lowest possible level when it comes to its current situation, pointing to the hundreds of workers who occupied the paintshop since May 21. With some voices indicating that the company is slowly heading towards liquidation, SsangYong's business is collapsing as the company sold a total of... 71 vehicles in July. And no, we're not talking about total sales of a single dealerships but about deliveries of the whole company in the entire domestic market.

And to give you an idea on how bad the situation is, SsangYong sold a total of 10,069 cars in July 2008 and exported 4,409 units.

As you might now from our previous coverage on the subject, the manufacturer suspended production on May 21 after a group of workers, irritated by the board's decision to cut workforce, barricaded themselves in a paintshop within the plant and refused to get out. After several clashes with the local police, which by the way cannot use firepower because the workers are surrounded by inflammable materials, the strikers are still there.

And they even fought back with nuts and bolts using improvised slingshots. Police's latest attempt to pull the strikers out of the building took place earlier this week. Following a meeting between union representatives and board officials, which saw no positive result, police officers decided to spray some tear gas over the protesters. The result?

Nada, nothing, zip, zero. The strikers are still there and with news that SsangYong is heading towards liquidation, the future sounds terrible.


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