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SRT Challenger Hellcat Logo Unveiled

Yesterday we brought you news of SRT CEO Ralph Gilles having said that the upcoming Hellcat V8 engine has sparked an internal debate at Chrysler due to its 640+ hp output.
SRT Challenger Hellcat logo 2 photos
SRT Challenger Hellcat logo
The new mill, which is destined to motivate an upcoming Dodge Challenger SRT is likely to generate more horses than the V10 plant found in the SRT Viper, and, apparently, Chrysler doesn’t want its flagship to come in second as far as power goes.

Today we’re back to report that the Hellcat logo that will come with the new supercharged engine has been quietly revealed at this year’s Springfest. That’s the word from, who claims, quoting “unofficial sources”, that the T-shirts worn by SRT staff at the event feature the logo for the new Hellcat V8.

Although SRT boss Ralph Gilles declined to confirm the logo is indeed related to the new engine, he did say the Hellcat-powered Challenger will be revealed in around two and a half months, the aforementioned source adds.

Little is known about the unit or the vehicle that will receive it, but word has it SRT is aiming at the Chevrolet Camaro ZL1 and the Shelby GT500. The former comes with 580 horsepower, while the latter churns 662 hp. Stay tuned for more info on the upcoming Challenger SRT8.

Photo courtesy of Ray Alexander


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