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Spyshots: Renault Scenic Cross Variant

French carmaker Renault is revisiting the idea of combining MPVs with soft-roading plastic bumper protectors. Back in 2000, when the Scenic was still a first-gen model, the French introduced the Scenic RX4, which had all-wheel drive, new rear suspension and quite distinctive body cladding. It was powered by a 2-liter petrol or 1.9-liter diesel.
Renault Scenic Cross Variant 6 photos
Renault Scenic CrossRenault Scenic CrossRenault Scenic CrossRenault Scenic CrossRenault Scenic Cross
Production stopped in 2003, but now they’re making yet another one. The current Scenic is just a refresh of an older model, but with money so tight, Renault is keeping its MPVs in production much longer.

So, it seems that there’s enough time in the lifespan of this model to introduce this soft-roader. Just like VW’s ‘Cross’ models and Audi’s Allroad, this has robust bumpers, both at the front and at the back, as well as wider wheel arches and raised suspension, likely backed up by all-wheel drive.

For now, the soft-roading Scenic is still undergoing its first session of winter testing, so the real could be a year away from now.


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