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Spyshots: Renault Captur / Clio SUV

Coming as the second phase following the two-seater DeZir concept that debuted at the 2009 Frankfurt Motor Show, the Renault Captur concept made its debut at the Geneva Motor Show of 2011. The years aren’t that important, but the fact that they’re putting it into production is.
Renault Captur SUV 8 photos
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Rumors suggested that Captue would be be made into a production car based on the Nissan Juke. That seemed to make sense at the time, since Renault would naturally want to emulate Nissan’s massive success with the small crossover. However, we’re not so sure about this being true.

This prototype for the Capture was recently spotted undergoing road testing in Europe, and we have to say the car looks much more like a jacked up version of the Clio IV than any Juke clone. The platform is also about the same size and shape, and the supermini to CUV transformation is also being done by rival French carmaker Peugeot, who is making the 2008 based on the 208.

We’re not big fans of this style of vehicle. Nissan only managed to succeed with the Juke because it has lifestyle vehicle attributes, like a MINI. But this is more like a practical compact MPV, with its increased glass surface.

The Captur concept was a masterpiece of design, with a three-door configuration and big clearances under the nose and tail, giving it that beefy look.


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