Spyshots: Porsche 911 Winter Testing

Porsche 911 spyshotPorsche 911 spyshotPorsche 911 spyshotPorsche 911 spyshotPorsche 911 spyshot
We know, a Porsche doesn't exactly sound right in the snow, but if you are German, you have a tendency to make things perfect. This is why, regardless of whether your car looks great in snow or not, you have to test it in all weather conditions.

This is exactly what Porsche was doing with the 911 coupe, or the 998, if you work for the German manufacturer, when it was caught on digital film by our well-paid crew of carparazis. So, revealing or not, here's the replacement for the current generation, prior to its official presentation, which will take place, by all accounts, sometime next year.

As you all know, when Porsche launches a new model, the visual changes are not at all that striking and, in some cases, they are absent all together. In 911's case, the new generation will come with revised front lights, which are moved more upright, while the mirrors, currently located on the side window corner, have been repositioned to the side of the doors.

As for the engine, nothing important will change there either, with the carmaker to go for the same unit as in the current generation, a flat-six engine which has proved to be more than enough for the fans. The unit will, however, get a touch of new, with the addition of a new PDK dual-clutch gearbox and a few extra horses.

More details will become available as the official launch date (yet unannounced) approaches, so stay online for more updates.


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