Spyshots: New BMW M4 Cabrio Ready Offer Open-Top Performance

We don't know if you've noticed this, but BMW has a whole lot of convertible cars, some small and some quite big. The Bavarians are especially competitive in the compact segment, where they only need to fight off Audis at the moment, in the absence of a C-Cabrio AMG model… or a C-Cabrio in general.
F83 BMW M4 Cabrio 10 photos
F83 BMW M4 CabrioF83 BMW M4 CabrioF83 BMW M4 CabrioF83 BMW M4 CabrioF83 BMW M4 CabrioF83 BMW M4 CabrioF83 BMW M4 CabrioF83 BMW M4 CabrioF83 BMW M4 Cabrio
This convertible though, is the one we're looking forward to, the F83 M4, equipped with a wider track than the 3 Series sedan and fitted with the first six-cylinder M engine since the E46.

This prototype shows many of the retails we've already seen on the M4 Coupe Concept shown at Pebble Beach. The biggest difference is the fixed metal roof has been replaced by the multi-piece metal roof.

Obviously, it's not going to be as fast as the coupe or as rigid, but you do get the chance to enjoy the open air, maybe impress a couple of lady friends. But we don't kneed to tell you what the performance convertible is for. What we do need to tell you about is the engine.

The M division is no longer starting off with its own bespoke blocks, so the 4-liter V8 is being dropped in favor of a 3.0-liter twin-turbo with the same horsepower but more torque. For what it's worth, we'll miss that screamer of an engine, but we certainly won't miss the fuel consumption that came with it.


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