Spyshots: More Pictures of the All-New Maserati Quattroporte’s Interior

We recently showed you a picture of the upcoming Maserati Quattroporte’s interior, yet it was not a particularly clear picture. Now, however, we have more to show, courtesy of
Maserati QUattroporte Interior 5 photos
Maserati QUattroporte InteriorMaserati QUattroporte InteriorMaserati QUattroporte InteriorMaserati QUattroporte Interior
The new pictures show off a slightly-better-lit interior, which to our eyes looks quite ordinary - too ordinary for a Maserati. The steering wheel is clearly ‘of Chrysler origins’, and so are most of the controls. It seems that this car may share more than originally thought, with the Chrysler 300C.

The seats are very nice, and they look typically-Italian in their design and construction, with an excellent-looking beige leather finish. We hope the quality of the rest of the interior is better these pictures lead us to believe.

We just hope they don’t ruin the car, by giving it a ‘mass-produced’ feel, which you sadly get in most cars, even ones which are very expensive, like Audis and BMWs. This needs to feel different, to at least try to win over some of the other brands’ customers.

The old Quattroporte was a much more hand-built kind of deal, and the new direction this car is heading in may not please everybody. The lines of the heavily camouflaged body do hint at a nice overall design, but we can’t state that for a fact until we finally see it uncovered.


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