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Spyshots: BMW 2 Series GT Is the Active Tourer Production Model

Our spies have just sent us the most interesting car photos we've seen in months. A fully production-ready version of the Active Tourer Concept has been spotted completely void of camouflage. The interesting thing is its badging simply says "225i", indicating this is actually going to be called the 2 Series GT.
BMW 2 Series GT 13 photos
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The 2 Series is a brand new nameplate that BMW used to differentiate the replacement for the 1 Series Coupe and Convertible from the hatchbacks. We'd have never though they would use such a posh name for an MPV, but here we are.

The 225i name and the double exhaust leads us to believe that power from the bigger 2-liter TwinPower Turbo engine used by the new MINI Cooper S, tuned to a higher output of 218 PS. Test versions of this car have also been seen with only one exhaust, indicating the 1.5-liter three-cylinder from the MINI Cooper will also be available.

Looking beyond the specific power output, the body of the Tourer is unlike any other production BMW. It's tall and narrow and yet still planted, a bit like Mercedes' B-Class. Peaking at the interior, we noticed they've gone for a digital display display in place of traditional speedometer. This was one of the major criticisms with the i3 electric car, but the MPV market is filled with quirks like this one, so it probably won't plague BMW too much.

Overall, the 225i looks like an interesting car and makes quite the compelling case. But we wonder just how many people want a BMW monocab with a 2-liter engine.


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