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Spyshots: All-New BMW M5 (G80) Test Mule or 5 Series M Performance Car?

The plot thickens in Munich, as even though BMW hasn't even shown the new 7 Series yet, they are already trying to figure out the performance version of the G305 Series. We're not sure if this is the new M5, but the car is packing some heat.
Possible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test Mule 10 photos
Possible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test MulePossible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test MulePossible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test MulePossible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test MulePossible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test MulePossible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test MulePossible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test MulePossible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test MulePossible 2017 BMW M5 (G80) Test Mule
The obvious bit that suggests this is an M car is the fact that it has four exhaust pipes. They are small, but that's because production cars are fitted with fake tips that are thicker, which aren't needed for testing.

However, there are some problems with this prototype. For example, it has the little port on the front fender like a plug-in hybrid. But our spies tell us that's not necessarily the case, just a diversion from BMW. The brake disks are of the wrong size and the fenders aren't flared enough.

One possibility would be that BMW is working on a new M Performance model. Considering the popularity of the Audi S6, that's not going to surprise us. Another option would be a performance plug-in hybrid. A good example of this would be the Porsche Panamera S E-Hybrid, but many other companies are now thinking of having two types of hybrid per model (C 300 BlueTEC Hybrid and C 350 PHEV is a good example).

Whatever the prototype is, the real G80 M5 is going to have an all-wheel drive setup for more traction. While that adds weight, high-strength steel, aluminum and CFRP will help balance things out.

The 2016 BMW 550i is supposed to drop the V8 act in favor of a much more advanced six-cylinder, some sources say. Because BMW seems to be in love with the 500cc cylinder, we can only suspect that the 4.4-liter twin-turbo will be dropped for a new 4-liter v8. However, an updated version of the 4.4-liter used by the new X5M is also a possibility.

Sounds like a bad idea? Not when the G80 is said to shed up to 200 kilograms (440 lbs) of unnecessary weight. Just like the current M4 brings us back to the era of the E46, this car will echo the more responsive E60 M5.

That massive weight reduction would put the M5 at around 1,600 - 1,700 kg (3,500 - 3,750 lbs). Our sources tell us that absurd amounts of CFRP will be used, even in the drivetrain, thus ensuring the battle of the bulge is won with ease.


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