Spotify Launches “Hey, Spotify” and It All Makes Sense Now

Spotify, currently one of the leading music services both on mobile and in the car, is getting another big update, though, at first glance, it makes little sense for some users.
Spotify is likely building a digital assistant for its own device 1 photo
Spotify now comes with its very own in-app assistant that you can invoke by simply saying “Hey, Spotify” and whose purpose is to help you handle the music playback hands-free.

So, in other words, whenever you want to play a specific song or playlist or simply want to listen to music from a certain artist, just say “Hey, Spotify” and then tell the assistant to play whatever you want.

If you believe this approach sounds familiar, you’re not wrong because this is exactly how the integration of Google Assistant and Siri in Spotify works in the first place. In theory, “Hey, Spotify” isn’t capable of anything that Google Assistant and Siri already can’t do, so why is Spotify coming up with its own assistant so late?

While at first glance, this release may not make much sense, Spotify investing in a digital assistant might be related to the “Car Thing,” a device the company is working on and whose public launch is likely approaching.

Car Thing is a dedicated Spotify music device that allows users to listen to their favorite tunes behind the wheel without the need for a smartphone. According to renders that have been discovered recently, Car Thing would come with a large touch-capable display and two different buttons. Still, the purpose of “Hey, Spotify” is likely to allow hands-free interaction with the device.

In theory, Car Thing is a completely separate device that doesn’t require a phone to run. Therefore, it lacks Google Assistant or Siri integration and needs its very own digital assistant. That could be the reason Spotify released this feature in the first place.

Of course, you should take everything with a pinch of salt for now, but more information should surface rather sooner than later as we approach the device's release date.


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