Splitting the Hairs Over What to Do When Pulled Over Might Come in Handy

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2017 Ford GT prototypes pulled over for speeding2017 Ford GT prototypes pulled over for speeding
There are studies analyzing the weirdest things these days, but we never thought there would be one investigating what happens when people get pulled over by the police.

That's because, for most of us, things are very simple: you stay in your seat, you hand over the license and registration, speak politely and hope for the best. However, other people's experiences are a lot more interesting than this, apparently.

The research carried out in the United States of America shows how these meetings take place based on both gender and ethnicity of those in the wrong, and the results can be quite surprising on some occasions.

For instance, with the majority of the police officers being male, you would expect women to be the most likely to get off with a warning, but you'd be wrong. No less than 30 percent of women said that never happened to them, compared to just 25 percent of men, while at the opposite pole, nearly 20 percent of men say that's what happens to them always, with only 18 percent of women making the same claim.

An equally surprising discovery for some would be the most widely used excuse in an encounter with the police. The respondents said that 89 percent of the time, telling the truth turned out to be the best course of action as it saved them from a ticket. Next were answers such as showing remorse (77%), flirting with the officer (72%), or crying accidentally (61%) or on purpose (60%).

Most people feel anxious when stopped by the police (50%), with a quarter reporting they are scared, and 11 percent being furious about it. The white are the most prone to anxiety (60%) while the black form the majority of those feeling scared (44%) and the Hispanic leading the polls on anger (14%).

The gender difference on how many times people have gotten pulled over in their lifetime isn't too great - 3.88 times for men and 3.38 times for women - and neither is the one splint on the types of vehicle driven. The trucks lead the way with 4.52 times, but apart from that, they all come in with scores between 3.9 and 3.42 times.

For more numbers regarding the driver's interaction with the police, check out the entire survey on Cheap Car Insurance's website.
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