Splach Teases 2,600W Heavy-Duty Titan, Touts It as the SUV of the E-Scooter World

Advertised as the SUV of the e-scooter world, the Splach Titan is a beast on two wheels, packing dual motors that put out a total of 2600W.
Splach Titan electric scooter 9 photos
Splach Titan electric scooterSplach Titan electric scooterSplach Titan electric scooterSplach Titan electric scooterSplach Titan electric scooterSplach Titan electric scooterSplach Titan electric scooterSplach Titan electric scooter
Most electric scooters are conceived as urban commuters suitable for city use. And then there’s the Splach Titan heavy-duty two-wheeler, which is more of an off-road-oriented scooter meant to deliver smooth rides, regardless of the terrain.

Splach was established in Los Angeles and Taiwan, as a manufacturer of electric, eco-friendly, micromobility vehicles whose purpose is to replace cars as much as possible. Splach has both e-bikes and e-scooters in its lineup, although it is more renowned for the latter.

We already covered several products from Splach, such as the popular Transformer scooter/motorbike, the dual motor Twin, and the Turbo electric scooters. They all manage to bring something special to the table, setting themselves apart from the competition. For instance, the Transformer is highly customizable and can be adjusted for different riding positions, while the Twin boasts two 600W motors that offer a maximum output of 2,000W.

The latest scooter to join the Splach fleet is Titan and it looks just as promising as the previous models. We don’t have all the specs of the wheeler just yet because Splach has just been teasing the Titan, announcing the upcoming campaign on the Indiegogo platform.

Splach says its Titan is an SUV of the e-scooter world, designed to offer fast and comfortable rides. It features a wide deck, 9”x3” fat, all-terrain tires that provide superior bounce and grip on all surfaces, and dual motors with an insane maximum output of 2,600W. The Titan can hit 34 mph (54.7 kph) in 3.9 seconds and can climb hills with a 35 percent incline.

A 52V/1081.6Wh battery offers ranges of up to 44 miles (70 km) on a single charge.

We are still waiting for the Titan to go live on Indiegogo, but meanwhile, take a peek at the powerful, heavy-duty scooter in the video below.

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