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Spend $755K or More on a "Mobile Dream Castle" and Live Happily Ever After in Pure Luxury
It's been called "The Mobile Dream Castle" by its creators, and with such a statement, I couldn't help bringing Concorde's Centurion Actros motorhome to light. Get ready because this one is going to be juicy.

Spend $755K or More on a "Mobile Dream Castle" and Live Happily Ever After in Pure Luxury

Centurion Actros EntranceCenturion Actros RearCenturion Actros BedroomCenturion Actros BathroomCenturion Actros BathroomCenturion Actros InteriorCenturion ActrosCenturion Actros Living RoomCenturion Actros KitchenCenturion Actros Living RoomCenturion Actros BathroomCenturion Actros KitchenCenturion Actros Living RoomCenturion Actros Living RoomCenturion ActrosCenturion Actros Living RoomCenturion Actros BathroomCenturion Actros Living RoomCenturion Actros Living RoomCenturion Actros BedroomCenturion Actros Living RoomCenturion Actros CabCenturion Actros CabCenturion Actros Feature
You may have heard of Concorde as we've showcased their work on multiple occasions. With a history of over 40 years in designing and building luxury motorhomes and motorcoaches, there's no way we could pass up the opportunity to showcase the peak of what this crew has to offer, the Centurion Actros. Yes, like in Mercedes-Benz Actros, the base chassis for this behemoth.

Before we go any further, let me point out that the Centurion lineup is available with an array of vehicles, but the Actros version features the high point of this crew's work. Sure, at one end of the spectrum, you can drop €356,000 ($363,000 at current exchange rates) and receive a mobile home with an Iveco Daily base. But for the Actros, the smallest of the eight available models starts at no less than €589,000 ($600,000). The high point of the lineup lies with the 1204 GST and 1205 GST models, priced at around €741,000 ($755,000) each.

Hang on a minute, we're being asked to drop over three-quarters of a million dollars on this mobile home? Apparently so, and if you and your family aren't 100% happy with your purchase, customizing this puppy could land you with a $1 million machine. Yeah, but what a sweet RV it is.

Now, imagine that you decide this is how you want to spend the rest of your life, guzzling gas as you drive down highways until you or the motor gives out. Well, judging by the images in the gallery, you'll be doing so accommodated by luxurious furnishings and materials, lighting, and spaces designed to feel roomy and not cramped like those standard $250K RVs. I know it's hard to sense the sarcasm in my voice, but it's there.

Upon your entry into one of these land yachts, the first impression you may receive is feeling like you've literally stepped onto an actual yacht. Oh, now I get why they call it a land yacht. Funny enough, the motion of the ocean will be supplied by nothing other than an airbag suspension, so cruising offers minimal disturbance to your habitat and you.

Scoping the room and spotting the leather seating, LED lighting, and wooden and marble flooring, you'll understand why you're being asked to dish out this much cash on such a behemoth. The living area is fitted with a "Havana lounge" and reclining seats, a modular couch, and is accessible by the driver and passenger too. Dining can also be set up in this space.

While a couple of your friends and/or family enjoy a hot tea and a chat at the front of the Centurion, you decide that it's time to start whipping up some lunch or dinner, and to do that, a fully loaded kitchen is available. To put things as simply as possible, a five-star chef is the only thing or feature missing from this scenery. Take a look for yourself; everything you need is available.

While you're in the kitchen trying to ensure that you don't overcook the soufflé, your significant other could be in the bathroom helping prepare for the day or evening. With marble flooring breaking against wooden furnishings and overshadowed by an entire mirrored wall, taking a shower in the restroom could very well feel like you're in some hotel out in Ibiza or on a superyacht.

One aspect of the bathroom I enjoyed is that it leads directly into the bedroom. This is perfect if you're entertaining guests as the bedroom can be closed off from the rest of this mobile and downsized home.

As for the said bedroom, you'll have to work your way up a set of stairs to access it, but once you do, oho, let the magic begin. A large queen-size bed is suitable for two folks, while a walk-around is also in place with nightstands on each side of the bed. An excellent use of LED lighting will make you forget all about a skylight, and lateral windows allow the morning sun to wake you.

Finally, there's a neat little trick up the Centurion's sleeve, storage. And when I say storage, I mean it. Aside from the countless bays for cargo, gear, and systems lining the lower half of the RV, the rear of this bugger is fit with a garage! It's why you have to take those stairs to access your bedroom. Starting to understand this price, aren't' you? I'm sorry I didn't comb the 46 pages of specs to find out just how spacious this garage may be, but a Fiat 500 seems to fit in, and that means motorcycles should work too.

At the end of the day, these puppies have a whole lot to offer, a lot more than we have time for, but if you're looking for something to spend your life savings on, this could be the trinket to live happily ever after in.

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Images in the gallery display an array of Centurion Actros model years and interiors.


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