Spend 40+ Minutes Watching Old Russian Trucks Conquer the Wilderness

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Russian Trucks Off-RoadingRussian Trucks Off-RoadingRussian Trucks Off-RoadingRussian Trucks Off-RoadingRussian Trucks Off-RoadingRussian Trucks Off-RoadingRussian Trucks Off-RoadingRussian Trucks Off-Roading
This writer has grown more hair on his chest after spending over half an hour looking at Russian trucks in their natural element. And after seeing what they’re capable of, the new Mercedes-AMG G-Class, Land Rover Defender and other proper SUVs do not seem that appealing anymore.
As a matter of fact, nothing that can be driven with a car license matters, because these beasts sit in a league of their own. And they do not feature the usual mods, normally found in vehicles that we’re used to, such as jacked up, long travel suspensions, snorkels, underbody protection, exoskeletons, trail lights and so on.

Six-wheel-drive is as common as window stickers on off-roading SUVs, and all of them feature huge chunky rubber wrapped around steel wheels, and the occasional winch up front. No one cares if the paint gets scratched, because it has likely been there ever since the behemoths left the factory, several decades ago, and this isn’t a beauty contest – not that they’re not pretty, in an extremely rugged way.

Now, we are far from being experts in old Russian trucks, but from the occasional video, we have recognized some brands that are famous locally for making basic and indestructible vehicles for which no hill is too steep and river too deep – hypothetically speaking, of course. Urals, Zils and Tatras are among them, and some used to serve in the army back in the day.

We don’t know where this video was shot exactly, but it could have been somewhere in Siberia, a huge region known worldwide for its beautiful wild scenery and roads that are impossible to penetrate. The footage was uploaded recently on a Russian 4x4 YouTube channel, so if you’re into this sort of stuff, then you will probably spend the entire day looking at all their clips.

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