Speeding Scooter Idiot Crashes Very Hard

After showing this video to some of my riding buddies, we're still having a hard time deciding who gets more blame for this crash.
On one hand, the truck driver was turning left so he should have given way to incoming traffic. Common sense, right?

Well, yes and no. In such cases it's really hard to simply see things in either black or white, especially as the scooter rider was clearly speeding. Some guys could reply that the truck driver should have looked thoroughly ahead to spot incoming traffic, including speeding scooters.

However, if we decide to blame the truck rider, it would be really unfair, as others replied that the crash could have very well be avoided altogether should the scooter rider have not ridden at such high speed. By all means, I have to play the devil's advocate this time, as I honestly see the scooter rider more at fault this time than the truck driver.

Hopefully, he was ok, despite the very powerful impact. And it you watch closely, the scooter barely starts to brake, feet away from the truck. This was no 35 mph (56 km/h)...
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