Speeding Rider Loses It, Crashes into Car Parked Way Off the Street

It's been more than once when I wondered what's going on inside the heads of people who speed on their scooters or 125cc bikes, both in the city and countryside roads. This video is one more proof that these two-wheelers have not been made for excessive speed, even though they can go fast.
Rider misses turn because of excessive speed, crashes hard into a parked car 1 photo
Photo: Liveleak capture
In the end, the bikes themselves cannot be blamed, because they just don't operate by themselves. Like in so many other cases, it all comes down to the rider and the way he or she understands to use the throttle.

It may sound like a bit of prejudice, and maybe in some cases we can speak about such things, but people who are fully-licensed to operate motorcycles are more careful than those riding scooters and very small bikes.

That is because the entry-point riders are only required to pass a summary test before they can get on the road behind the bars of their bikes. Many of them are teenagers with zero traffic experience and are easily tricked into believing they are good riders.

Speed is, of course, addictive, but speed without control means taking the ER express. Even more, small bikes and scooters have rather poor brakes when it comes to efficiently stopping from say, 100 km/h (62 mph) or more in the city.

Factoring the technical difficulties in a "crash equation" and adding to the mix possible road hazards, insufficient riding skills, over-confidence and the lack of proper situation assessment is indeed a business class ticket for the ER express.

This fellow can be seen missing the turn at very high speed (for the place and existing traffic), and using the sidewalk as a run-off area. However, he doesn't appear to brake for dear life as most of us would expect. Or, as someone pointed out, maybe his bike's braking system was simply not enough and way past the point of no return, anyway.

Neither rider nor passenger seem to be wearing any sort of riding gear, and this includes helmets. The car parked at least a dozen feet outside the road is a brutal stop in this crazy urban race, and I guess the two occupants of the bike were treated in the hospital for more than bruises and a broken hand.

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