Speeding on the Highway and Not Paying Attention to Traffic Is Costly

The higher speed of traffic isn't the only thing that makes riding on the highway more dangerous than taking secondary roads. Vehicle pile-ups and momentary lack of awareness are just as fierce enemies of all motorists, not only riders.
A massive crash but nobody was critically injured 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Liveleak
Though in a painful way, the video below comes with a strong educational value. Riders should always be looking ahead to spot potential dangerous situations and various hazards, this goes without saying.

However, when traveling on the highway, the speed of other road users can change dramatically and this requires even more concentration. The greater the speed of the bike, the further ahead into the future a rider's mind and reflexes must be focused.

And when we are talking about the relative speed of the bike in comparison with that of other vehicles (as is the case when cars pile up) things can take a dramatic turn in fractions of a second.

It wasn't necessary the speed that caused the crash, but the lack of reaction in due time

Now, this accident could have easily been avoided. We have met this scenario many times, and like on so many similar occasions, better awareness from the rider could have saved the day.

The bike wasn't even traveling at insane speed, as we can see. The camera car does 70 km/h (43 mph) or even a tad less when the bike comes into the field of vision, and it certainly doesn't look like the motorcyclist was speeding like a mad man.

Still, the guy failed to assess the fact that in front of him the traffic was coming to a halt. He should have slowed down gradually way before reaching the car pile instead of deathgripping the brakes and high-siding into the rear window of the SUV.

Witnesses say that both the rider and the passenger were alive and luckily made it without horrific injuries. Still, a split second of better judgement and risk assessment could have spared everybody this nasty experience, altogether. Skip to 1:00 for intense action.
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