Spectacular Shots of Fighter Jets in Flight Might Just Be the Best Thing Ever

Saab JAS-39 Gripen in flight 1 photo
Photo: Screenshot from Vimeo
The older among us blame it on Top Gun, but the truth is that with or without that movie, we'd still be fascinated with flying in general, and fighter jets in particular. They're like the hypercars of flying objects, the vehicles everybody would like to use, but only a few select ones actually get to do it.
Unlike hypercars, you don't have to be rich to get behind the controls of a fighter jet. But if in order to get rich you need to work a lot, then that's something the two have in common. With one of these beauties costing lots of millions of taxpayers' dollars, you have to prove your worth before being allowed to take one into the sky.

I can only imagine that once you've done it once, there's no turning back. You're hooked forever, addicted to flying the best aircraft humanity has to offer, and there's no real cure for that. Just imagine witnessing these landscapes that we're about to see in the video below first-hand, completely immersed and in the highest resolution our eyes are capable of. The fact that you're also responsible for commanding a very powerful machine while you're doing that only adds to the occasion.

The aircraft model seen in these images is the new Saab JAS-39 Gripen, the elegant Swedish fighter jet produced by the company that tried its hand at making cars as well, but has so far failed. To capture this stunning footage, a company called Blue Sky made a special camera system that uses gyro-stabilizers to allow it to shoot fluidly at up to 345 miles per hour (that's 555 km/h).

The clip is intended as a promotional video for Saab, but we reckon it would deserve some artistic recognition as well. There's just so much awesomeness there, so much serenity and so much beauty, it almost hurts. If you've ever dreamed of flying (not in an airplane, but just flying, like a bird), this is the best tool to evoke that wonderful feeling while awake.

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