Special Saleen S7 Competition for Sale

The Saleen S7 is a machine that manages to deliver an amazing level of performance, charming car aficionados like few vehicles can .However, some examples of the S7 are more special than others. We like to think that the world includes a little S7 kingdom, where all the units of the hypercar have to go a at least a few times per year. Here’ there is a clear hierarchy, with each vehicle being well aware of its place.

Of course, if this was true, the place would become one of the favorite touristic attractions for car enthusiasts. But such a place can only exist in our minds, so we’ll get back to the real world, where S7s run free on roads, turning heads and humiliating many vehicles that dare to look them in the headlights.

Like we said, the world of Saleen S7s has its special units and today we are here to talk about one of them. The vehicle that you see in the adjacent images is not only a hypercar that delivers a stunning level of performance but also comes with special assets that make it a collector item.

The vehicle, which uses the 27 number, was the first Competition S7 that came with racing-inspired goodies. The list of enhancements includes a 100 hp engine upgrade, a Le Mans-style rear wing, as well as special bucket seats.

The beast offers an interesting combination wrapping 650 hp in a red package - this was the first red S7.

In case you are lusting for this extreme four-wheeled creation, you will be happy to find out that the vehicle currently comes with “for sale” stickers. There ate two steps that you need to follow in order to make this baby yours: 1)prepare $499,000 2)head over to


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