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SpaceX Smashes Previous Launch Record in the Race To Make Starlink Available Worldwide

Elon Musk and his companies are already well-known brands, so we won’t waste any time with a boring recap. However, we will discuss a brand-new achievement by the space- faring side of our real-life Tony Stark’s ventures.
SpaceX Falcon 9 10 photos
SpaceX Falcon 9SpaceX Falcon 9SpaceX Falcon 9SpaceX Falcon 9SpaceX Falcon 9SpaceX Falcon 9SpaceX Falcon 9SpaceX Falcon 9SpaceX Falcon 9
Just this Friday, SpaceX have launched their 32nd mission, managing to topple their outstanding record of last year. This comes as no major surprise, considering they find themselves in a restless campaign to set up their internet satellites into Earth’s orbit. The Starlink program has thrown the company into a sort of rush hour of launches to help meet their goal of worldwide availability by the end of 2022.

SpaceX’s last launch took place using their tried and tested, reusable Falcon 9 rocket. Elon Musk, who is the chief executive at SpaceX, took to Twitter to congratulate his team on both the record number of launches and the 46 satellites planted into low-Earth orbit by their last mission.

The Falcon 9 rocket took off from the company's California launch site at the Vandenberg Space Force Base, which is one of a total of four lunch sites the company operates. With the recent missions, SpaceX is getting close to having 3,000 satellites in orbit, but they are aiming for much loftier goals.

Their schedule for 2022 is a lot busier than any other so far, with a projected number of 52 launches to be reached by the end of the year. SpaceX has informed the public that the majority of those launches are planned as in-house, Starlink operations. However, we are going to see a lot more Starlink related missions in the coming years, considering that the Falcon 9 can be technically reused a whopping 15 times. That should come in handy as SpaceX plans to eventually launch up to 42,000 internet providing satellites.


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