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Space Force Recruitment Video Shows Secret X-37B, Hints at Space Travel

Just a day after Netflix released its first full trailer for the Space Force series parody, the 6th branch of the U.S. military responded with the launch of its first-ever recruitment video. And we must admit, it does look exciting.
Space Force recruitment begins 8 photos
Space Force recruitment beginsSpace Force recruitment beginsSpace Force recruitment beginsSpace Force recruitment beginsSpace Force recruitment beginsSpace Force recruitment beginsSpace Force recruitment begins
Back in the 1960s, with the threat of nuclear doom hanging over their heads, a bunch of countries, headed by the U.S., Russia, and the UK, agreed to sign what became know as the Outer Space Treaty. An agreement that all signing countries (over 100 by now) would refrain themselves from placing weapons of mass destruction, make military maneuvers and perform other warrior-like activities in space.

It’s unclear whether the treaty was upheld by all countries, as such things are after all secret, but the U.S. determined it was not, so it decided in 2018 to create the Space Force to protect Americans from space-bound threats, originating from Earth and elsewhere.

As the organization is expected to become fully operational this year, recruitment for personnel has begun. As you can see in the video attached below, the Space Force (USSF) promises answers to unanswered questions, and even hints that some of its personnel might leave our planet sometime in the future.

“Some people look to the stars and ask: what if? Our job is to have an answer. We have to imagine what would be imagined," the ad says.

“Plan for what’s possible while it’s still impossible. Maybe you weren’t put here just to ask the questions. Maybe you were put here to be the answer. Maybe your purpose on this planet isn’t on this planet.”

To make sure it gets everybody’s attention, the clip also contains a short segment showing the X-37B space plane that at the end of last year came down back to Earth after spending a record 780 days off the ground.


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