Soul-Sniffing BMW 7 Series Shows the Brand's Future Design Language in Russia

BMW’s massive grille design is still viral to people using Microsoft Edge. To the rest of us, it is something that we have learned to live with, whether we like it or not, because the brand based in Munich doesn’t seem to be willing to drop it.
BMW 7 Series 6 photos
BMW 7 SeriesBMW 7 SeriesBMW 7 SeriesBMW 7 SeriesBMW 7 Series
Some Bimmer owners were so hyped about the bucktooth design that they fitted their rides with custom grilles that stay true to the oversized proportions. Others put their photo editing skills to good use, imagining what cars such as the latest-gen 4 Series and the M3 and M4 would look like with normal-sized grilles.

And at the opposite end of the spectrum, you will find those responsible for the plethora of memes invading the World Wide Web. Actually, you may want to hold that ‘opposite end’ thought, because we just found the ultimate BMW-grille ridiculer, as they fitted their previous-generation 7 Series with a custom wrap up front that mimics the looks of the kidney grille.

The vinyl stickers span across the entire width of the car’s face, going from fender to fender and protruding into the hood, which now has a big BMW roundel in the middle. We had to censor the license plate of the luxury sedan for privacy reasons, but we can tell you that it is Russian and that its owner has an overenthusiastic sense of humor.

Unlike the G70 that followed it, the G11 generation of the BMW 7 Series, which is the one shared in our image gallery, with the pictures coming from Reddit’s ‘bad’ car mods thread, still had a normal-sized grille and regular headlamps for that matter. And it looks much more elegant compared to its successor. Let’s hope BMW’s designers will bring back the regular kidneys and lighting units up front for the next gen, which is probably due at the end of the decade.


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