Sorry Boss: 2005 Ford GT Crashed in Korea

On Christmas, even car crashes have a sort of global culinary melange taste. What you have here is an American supercar, created as a tribute to a car that raced in Europe, and crashed in Asia. This is a good indication that cars like this don’t belong just anywhere.
aAmerican supercar crashed in Korea 4 photos
Crashed 2005 Ford GTCrashed 2005 Ford GTCrashed 2005 Ford GT
The original Ford GT40 was a pure race car built in the mid-1960s to take on Ferrari in the dem and ing 24-hour race at Le Mans. The new incarnation is just as exciting, and it’s only natural that the 5.4-liter all-aluminum and fed by an Eaton screw-type supercharger will get your blood going. Its 550 horsepower will indeed gets you all excited when playing with the gas pedal.

The funny thing is that the post on WreckedExotics that brought this crash to our attention says that the driver was not injured but was on the phone muttering, ‘Sorry boss’ over and over again. Before you race a supercar, make sure you’re prepared for the consequences.


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