Something New Is Wrong With the Radar-Less Tesla Vision, Owners Agree It Needs Fixing

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A very well-known YouTuber took a new Tesla Model Y Performance for a test drive. He planned on testing the Tesla Vision system that doesn’t come with radars. It makes all the decisions based solely on cameras. Here’s the problem that he discovered and why it should be fixed as soon as possible.
Tesla decided to give up entirely on adding radars for the driver assistance systems. It was a wise decision from a business point of view since it lowers the manufacturing cost of the cars and allows for more focus elsewhere. Parts sourcing is, unfortunately, still a headache.

But, like many other decisions taken by the American EV maker, the radar-less Tesla Vision doesn’t come with proper integration. It still has issues. It’s also limited in what it can do. For example, the cruise control system that helps the driver remain between the lane markings and to change lanes by just putting the blinkers on (Autosteer) can be used only up to 85 mph (136 kph). This is also a Beta feature, meaning the person behind the wheel is always responsible for anything that happens.

The 2022 Tesla Model Y Performance tested by Bjorn Nyland was made at the Berlin plant. This means the crossover comes with all the bells and whistles and provides us with a look at the progress made by the automaker.

The YouTuber quickly discovers that a feature that’s part of the Autopilot package that’s based on the new Tesla Vision isn’t working properly. His followers and many other customers of the American brand quickly followed and agreed they were experiencing the same thing.

Nyland says “Tesla Vision sucks” because it relies only on cameras. He argues that forcing drivers who want to enjoy the benefit of having intelligent driving assistant software to use functions like the Auto High Beam is a mistake. He says that even though owners of radar-less Teslas can disable this function and take control. On the same note, he underlines that the auto wipers being controlled by the computers while Autopilot is engaged is another bad idea since this can’t be disabled.

The YouTuber continues his test and proves that while Autopilot is engaged, the car is forcing the use of the high beams on the highway even though it’s not necessary. The road is lit up, and it is not even a proper night outside.

Nyland says the auto high beam needs to be updated because the system turns it off too late and fires it up too fast. He argues the system it’s unnecessarily aggressive. The tested Model Y Performance brings discomfort to other road users by not having proper programming.

Multiple owners confirmed this is the case for them too, but some people remain convinced that going radar-less is the proper way to move forward.

Watch the man’s discoveries in the video down below.

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