Something Makes This Driver Forget About Braking. The Question Is, What?

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Photo: Screenshot from YouTube
If there’s one thing the Internet is good at, it’s creating controversy. A YouTube channel posted the clip below saying the driver was drunk and crashed his car, but the people in the comments section seemed to disagree.
The thing is, at least for once, they may have a point. The other thing is, the drunk driver version can’t be entirely dismissed either. If you haven’t already, I would ask you to watch the clip now so you'll make your own mind up.

We’ve seen drunk drivers before, be it in Russia or in any other corner of the world. They all do the same stupid things, even though they seem to be very good at always finding ways of surprising us.

There were also less funny (as in not at all) clips with drivers suffering from an epileptic seizure and sticking their foot on the accelerator pedal until their car hit something that wouldn’t move and stopped. If you’re wondering how can a man with this condition get a driving license, your guess is as good as ours, but it most certainly either involves a lazy official or a corrupt one.

Depending on which of the two scenarios turns out to be true, this man is either an idiot or an absolute hero.

Scenario number one: he got drunk as hell even though it’s only noon and then started driving. Being under the influence, he thought it would be fun to see how many cars he can dodge while doing full speed. Eventually, the number turned out not to be that great, as his run was violently stopped first by a sidewalk curb, and then by a solid wall. Verdict: idiot.

Scenario number two: he was on his way home from work or from getting groceries, when an epileptic seizure hit. Somehow, his foot got stuck on the accelerator yet he could still move his hands on the steering wheel. Putting the car into Neutral would have solved the speeding issue, but you can’t really ask a man during a seizure to act rationally. However, he did do enough to avoid the other cars on the road until his evasive maneuvers got him face to face with a wall at 77 mph (124 km/h). Verdict? Hero.

Now decide for yourself.

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