Someone Sent a Strong Message to Elon Musk on Dozens of Cybertrucks Awaiting Delivery

Dozens of Cybertrucks were vandalized in Fort Lauderdale 8 photos
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Dozens of Cybertrucks were vandalized in Fort LauderdaleDozens of Cybertrucks were vandalized in Fort LauderdaleDozens of Cybertrucks were vandalized in Fort LauderdaleDozens of Cybertrucks were vandalized in Fort LauderdaleDozens of Cybertrucks were vandalized in Fort LauderdaleDozens of Cybertrucks were vandalized in Fort LauderdaleDozens of Cybertrucks were vandalized in Fort Lauderdale
Many people have taken notice of Elon Musk's new-found love for politics and conspiracy theories, and not all can ignore this. Someone left the Tesla CEO a strong message spray-painted on dozens of Tesla Cybertrucks awaiting delivery at a Service Center in Fort Lauderdale, Florida. Tesla fans remained unfazed, though, asking Tesla to sell the signed Cybertrucks as a limited edition.
Tesla Cybertruck had remained as polarizing as it was long before deliveries debuted in November 2023. In the beginning, it was the design, which, to some, looked futuristic and, to others, immature. Later, it was because Tesla fell short of what it had promised, especially in terms of range and price. Even today, some swear that the Cybertruck is the best car ever produced, while others consider it stupid.

However, the electric pickup truck is not going anywhere, especially as Tesla is ramping up production. The EV maker wants to reach 2,500 units per week by the end of the year, which puts it on track to produce at least 150,000 units in 2025. At this level, Tesla is confident enough to announce that the overpriced Foundation Series will end production soon. This means that more people will afford a Cybertruck, although the downside is that waiting times will extend for years.

Until this happens, Tesla produces enough Cybertrucks for those willing to pay the $20,000 Foundation Series markup. Tesla Service Centers appear packed, which makes some believe that Tesla already has a Cybertruck demand problem. However, this is not true, and the many Cybertrucks awaiting delivery at Service Centers were the result of a stop-sale order until Tesla solved a few issues with the Cybertruck.

The most important was caused by the gigawiper's electric motor, which, for many owners, failed prematurely under stress. Tesla replaced the faulty motors, which didn't solve the issue, as the new parts were also breaking. Tesla decided to stop replacing the motors until it found a better solution. This has led to a pause in deliveries and the electric pickups piling up at Service Centers.

The gigawiper motor issue seems to have been fixed thanks to a new motor type, and Tesla is now delivering the Cybertrucks en masse. A video shared on social media shows the moment 29 new owners took delivery of their Cybertrucks at the Tesla center in Marina del Rey, California. However, not everyone got to see their special moment. For dozens of Cybertruck owners scheduled for delivery in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, the magic moment would not come soon.

That's because someone spray-painted the trucks with a strong message directed at Elon Musk. A video shared on Instagram shows that the vandals have spared no effort in painting every Cybertruck in the parking lot. Far from disturbing Tesla fans, some of them suggested that the truck should be sold at a premium, like a special edition. I'm not sure what this means for Elon Musk if people are willing to pay extra to have that message written on their truck.

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