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Someone Modified a Bintelli Fusion Hybrid E-Bike, It Now Boasts an Insane Range

It may not look fancy but it can outperform most e-bikes out there. This guy decided to modify his Bintelli Fusion hybrid two-wheeler by upgrading its motor and battery. The result is a bicycle with a ridiculous range, at least according to the owner.
Modified Bintelli Fusion e-bike 7 photos
Modified Bintelli Fusion e-bikeStandard Bintelli Fusion e-bikeStandard Bintelli Fusion e-bikeStandard Bintelli Fusion e-bikeStandard Bintelli Fusion e-bikeModified Bintelli Fusion e-bike
Bintelli’s Fusion e-bike is a hybrid vehicle that blends the features of a scooter with the convenience of an electric bike. The Fusion doesn’t require insurance or a license, and it is equipped like a scooter, with turn signals, a comfortable seat, a horn, lights for the front, tail, and brakes. But while this hybrid bike is reliable and versatile, being able to cope with pretty much any terrain, on or off-road, it doesn’t really stand out in terms of performance. You’ve got a standard top speed of just 25 mph (40 kph) and a 48V 12.5 Ah battery for the 2021 Fusion, while older versions came with a standard 10 Ah battery, as was the case with this guy’s bike.

An upgrade to the motor and the battery of the Fusion turned this average performing wheeler into an enduring beast. The upgraded Fusion is a DIY project that belongs to a guy whom you can find on Reddit as user “kdwy97”, but his name is less important here anyway.

He changed the stock motor of his Bintelli to a 1,000W motor, which of course, required an upgrade in the stock battery as well. The bike has also been equipped with two external batteries that total 48V/50Ah, and has a knob that switches between “no power”, “battery 1”, and “battery 2”. The batteries will also be protected by a waterproof housing that’s already ordered and on its way.

With his improvements, the guy claims the bike now has an absurd range of 100-120 miles while pedaling at more than 20 to 25 mph. He also claims that he can get up to 250 miles per charge with the pedal assist on the strongest level, with the rider weighing 220 lb (almost 100 kg).


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