Someone Is Making Houses Shaped Like Car Logos

The Crosshouse, inspired by the Chevrolet logo 5 photos
Photo: Instagram / Karina Wiciak
The Crosshouse, inspired by the Chevrolet logoThe Rhombhouse, based on the Renault logoThe Pyrahouse, inspired by MitsubishiAdidas logo would translate into architecture into something like this: Trihouse
With marketing done right, people can recall specific features of a brand or product with a single look at the official logo. Nowhere is good marketing at better play in this sense than in the auto industry.
One designer from Poland took 4 of the world’s most famous logos and turned them into (concept) houses. The idea was to use an image that was familiar to millions and turn it into an effectively functional space – and the result is nothing if not impressive.

Karina Wiciak is under contract with Wamhouse, and her 4 concept houses are based on 3 logos from the auto industry (Chevrolet, Renault and Mitsubishi) and 1 logo from the sportswear industry (Adidas). Currently, there are no plans to turn them into actual residences, but stranger things have been known to happen.

All 4 concepts start from the idea of using expansive glazing in lieu of actual walls, so residents are able to see from one side of the house to the other without visual obstacles. With all concepts, Wiciak mentions that curtains or walls could be installed, but they would go against her philosophy of working with open spaces and natural light to create a cozy and paradoxically intimate living space.

The Crosshouse is based on the Chevrolet logo. Wiciak imagines it would serve best positioned on water, on pegs, so the fact that it is fully articulated in glass would offer unobstructed views out on the water.

Spanning 2,637 square feet, the Crosshouse would feature 2 stories and 2 mezzanine levels, with the quieter, more private spaces grouped in the upper half. A kitchen, living room, dining room, and library with study would be on the lower level, while the bedrooms and bathrooms would be upstairs, according to Design Boom.

The Rhombhouse, based on the Renault logo
Photo: Instagram / Karina Wiciak
The Rhombhouse is shaped like the Renault logo and would be suitable for remote, greenery-shrouded locations. It’s larger than the Crosshouse, measuring 2,906 square feet and including 3 stories that stick to the same type of layout: the more social areas on the lower levels and the private ones upstairs.

A kitchen, a living room with dining room, a library and a restroom are found on the first floor, while a master bedroom with bathroom and wardrobe are on the second. The highest floor includes a study with a bedroom and a bathroom.

The Pyrahouse is perhaps the most striking architectural concept of the lot. It’s based on the Mitsubishi logo and, as its name clearly suggests, it resembles a pyramid. As such, Wiciak imagines it would serve as permanent residence in the desert, with access inside possible through a set of stairs that connect to the entire concreted first level because of the varying level of sand.

The Pyrahouse, inspired by Mitsubishi
Photo: Instagram / Karina Wiciak
This is also the largest house of the lot, with an area of 3,444 square feet and 3 stories, not including the concreted lower floor where only a pantries and a small corridor would fit. An open space with living room, dining room, kitchen and library would be located on the first floor, while a mezzanine would include a restroom.

The second floor would include a study with bathroom, while the third the main bedroom and another bathroom. Wiciak loves expansive glazing and features it prominently in her designs, but the Pyrahouse is the one to feature it in the least, as the larger proportion of the house is made of concrete. This would make sense, if you think about it: it’s a desert residence, after all. You will want some kind of protection against the harsh elements and too much glass is not exactly ideal.

Again, all these are just concepts meant to showcase ingenuity into bringing functionality in something we are all very familiar with: car logos. They also prove that, when it comes to influences, the auto industry’s reach goes far beyond what you might expect.

As a bonus, the gallery attached includes the Adidas-inspired home, the Trihouse, a slanted construction ideal for snowy, freezing, mountainous landscape.
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