Someone Has Created a Wiper That Makes the Windshield Water Repellent

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Choosing the best windshield wipers for a car is a lot harder than you think, mainly because most drivers expect them not only to clean the glass thoroughly but also to last forever.
As we all learned the hard way, such a wiper is still a dream that’s yet to come true, but a new company claims it has created a product that gets pretty close to it—all while also providing us with a series of extras we’re going to love.

First and foremost, the new wiper is called Kimblade and is said to be the first one in the world to come with a rectangular blade comprising a 4-bar linkage structure.

As compared to a normal wiper that rubs the windshield and uses dispersed force, Kimblade relies on single-edge contact with the force concentrate in one spot for wiping cleaning.

The wiper is made of 100% dual silicon. The upper silicon moving parts are said to be tough, durable, and flexible, while the lower silicon parts have been reinforced with carbon nanotube. This approach allows the parts in contact with the glass to be super-durable while also providing additional force when cleaning the glass.

At the same time, the CNT-reinforced silicone also allowed the parent company to add a water-repellent component. This means the wipers apply a water-repellent coating to your windshield whenever they are working, thus improving the visibility when driving in the rain.

Made with water-repellent substances, KIMBLADE wiper transfers water-repellent coating from the wiper squeegee to the windshield. When your wipers aren’t working well, first remove dust and wipe off all the water from the windshield. Next, turn on the wipers and operate for three minutes so the water-repellent coating is applied again. (Before wiping the dry glass, all foreign substances on the glass and dust on the wiper blade should be removed to protect the glass and the wiper),” the parent company explains.

The wiper frame doesn’t ever need to be replaced, and you can only install a new blade if the existing one gets damaged. But this should almost never happen, as the 100% silicon reinforced with CNT should withstand pretty much everything for a long time.

The new wipers are currently live on Kickstarter, and the campaign has already been fully funded, with the shipping to start for backers in June.

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