Someone Claims They've Built the Better Tesla App, It's Called Tessie

Tesla’s own app might be good enough for security features and to visualize some data, but in some respects, it is lacking. That’s why there are a couple of alternatives out there. Built independently and continuously updated based on consumer feedback, these apps want to help EV owners with their zero-tailpipe, zero-emission driving. Here’s what Tessie can do.
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Driving an EV sounds cool, and, in most cases, it really is. You’re making a real step towards shrinking your carbon footprint while enjoying the benefits provided by massive amounts of torque, instantaneous acceleration, and the absence of a gearbox. Not having an engine under the hood is, as well, a major plus for those that enjoy the silence and don’t want to hear an exhaust popping off every time there’s a need to downshift.

Cars and trucks that have been designed from the ground up as EVs and are well thought out will also provide their buyers with more cargo space and interior room. Just look at a Tesla Model X, a Rivian R1T, or a Ford F-150 Lightning. Surprisingly, the Germans and the South Koreans haven’t gotten to a point where they can maximize space as well as some American manufacturers.

But enjoying the perks of having a good EV also comes with a responsibility: you must make sure that charging is done wisely and responsibly. If not, as it already happens with Tesla vehicles, driving around in a non-polluting vehicle exclusively might become absurdly expensive. Also, you must adapt to a whole new ownership experience. Servicing is not needed often, but when something breaks… Well, just make sure you have another car lying around or the repair shop will give you a loaner.

To help users with the first part of becoming a full-time EV driver, some blokes built Tessie. They say it’s better and more useful than Tesla’s app. The inspiration came after someone got tired of waking up in the morning with a low-battery all-electric car in the garage. After some brainstorming and testing, the idea to build an app that can notify you to plug in the car after arriving home turned into a full-time business.

In its current form, Tessie can register a complete history of your traveled miles, measures the car’s battery health, monitor charging, and can work with your mobile phone, smartwatch, or desktop browser. The app also has smart alerts which let you know if rain is approaching, and the windows are open. Recently, the creators added Siri, Google Assistant, and Alexa voice control compatibility.

But one of the most interesting features must be geofencing. This essentially allows you to create a predetermined area in which some functions like Smart Summon could work. It’s a great way of avoiding hackers quietly stealing your vehicle.

This app and its many features cost $200 or $5 a month. Fortunately, it comes with a free trial that lets you explore what it can do. Then you can decide if another subscription is good for you or if Tesla’s app is enough to keep track of your EV.

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