Someone Broke in a Person's Car To Steal A Kit Kat, Left A Note To Apologize

The note left by the Kit Kat thief from Kansas 4 photos
Photo: Hunter Jobbins/ @jabbins on Twitter
Kit Kat's official Twitter account quickly replied to the victimKit Kat's official Twitter account quickly replied to the victimThe note left by the infamous Kit Kat thief of Kansas
Two paramount parts of the guide involved not leaving anything of value in a visible place in the vehicle. The point also included things that might appear like they are concealing something of value.

We were referring to plastic or paper bags randomly left in a car interior. A desperate thief might have broken a window just to see if there was anything valuable hidden by those bags.

Another point written in the guide involved not leaving your car unlocked for any reason whatsoever. While thieves might not break windows in unlocked vehicles, they might also steal them all together, so keep that in mind if your locks do not work.

A student of the Kansas State University named Hunter Jobbins got his car broken into because of a Kit Kat left in the cup holder. Luckily for Hunter, his vehicle was unlocked, so the infamous Kit Kat bandit from Kansas did not have to break any windows to open the student’s car and grab the chocolate-covered treat.

Hunter Jobbins found out about the theft after finding a note, which was written on a paper towel. It was the thief’s apology, which included the mention that the door was unlocked.

Since this happened on a college campus, it is hard to say that a regular felony took place, and that the student was not part of an elaborate prank.

After all, it is just a Kit Kat bar. Tasty, but not that expensive, and the vehicle was not affected in any way after the break-in. In a way, this experience came as an affordable lesson to Hunter, as he learned that leaving your vehicle unlocked and unattended, even for “just 15 minutes,” can leave you without your possessions.

It is important to note that the official account of Kit Kat in the USA handled the situation with a keen real-time marketing gesture. As KDVR notes, the representatives of the brand contacted the victim to replace that stolen Kit Kat. You can see their tweets in the photo gallery.

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