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Some People Believe Toyota Civic and Chevrolet Mustang Are Real Cars
Not a long time ago, research proved that typing the name of some car brands is too much of a challenge for some Internet users.

Some People Believe Toyota Civic and Chevrolet Mustang Are Real Cars

Most common mismatched searchesMost common mismatched searchesMost common mismatched searchesMost common mismatched searchesMost common mismatched searches
Brands like Hyundai, Lamborghini, and Ferrari and up causing particular challenges in this regard, with a surprising number of netizens turning to Google to search for Hundai, Ferari, and Lamborgini.

But a new study from Car Lease Special Offers proves it’s sometimes getting even worse.

As it turns out, way too many Internet users end up mismatching the brand and the car model, and this is why some people search Google for Toyota Civic, Chevrolet Mustang, and Hyundai Niro.

Let’s have a look at the results and see the most common errors.

Based on monthly and yearly search volumes, the study discovered that Toyota Civic is America’s most wanted car, followed by Hyundai Civic, Ford Wrangler, and Nissan Civic. For some reason, many Americans are also searching for Ferrari Mustang and Chevrolet Mustang. Clearly, both the Civic and the Mustang are very popular search terms, but on the other hand, not everybody seems to know that Ford is the company that makes it.

Globally, Hyundai Civic and Toyota Civic are the most common slip-ups. Apparently, Internet users have a thing for Civic, but on the other hand, they don’t seem to have a thing for Honda.

BMW A1 and BMW A3, which at first glance look to be some sort of mix between BMW and Audi, are next in the charts, just ahead of Mercedes A1, Toyota Astra, and Hyundai Jazz.

According to the research, the Chevrolet Mustang is a very common search around the globe as well, so Americans aren’t the only ones wishing to see the hell freezing.

As far as the United Kingdom is concerned, Mercedes A1 is the most common error, followed by Vauxhall Polo, Vauxhall Golf, Fiat Picanto, and BMW A1. This time, Britons aren’t interested in a Chevrolet Mustang, but they do believe that the Corsa (an Opel and Vauxhall model) is manufactured by Ford.

Ford Astra is also a very popular slip-up way too many people seem to believe exists.

Overall, Nissan is the brand that has the most incorrect searches, as Internet users in the United Kingdom seem to believe it’s the one building the Tucson, the Yaris, the Corsa, and the Niro. This isn’t necessarily surprising, though, as a similar thing is happening in the case of Ford, which is often described as the parent company building the Astra, the Golf, the Corsa, and the Zafira.

As far as the global market is concerned, Honda Civic is by far the model that’s making so many people confused. At first glance, quite a lot of people are interested in getting a Civic, but their only problem is that they’re not sure who makes it.

Hyundai and Toyota are most often the two carmakers that are believed to be making the Civic, and for some reason, this happens in the United States as well. However, Americans can’t actually decide if the one that’s selling the Civic is Toyota, Ford, Hyundai, or Nissan.

At the end of the day, it’s pretty clear that mismatching car searches is something that happens way, way too often, pretty much everywhere across the world.

But here’s a little tip for the next time you search for a car model online and you’re not sure who makes it. When you go to Google, just try to type the name of the car model before the maker, and you could end up surprised. Search engines provide suggestions for any provided keywords, so if you’re typing something like Civic or Mustang, you should end up figuring out who makes it much easier.


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