Some Idiots Never Get It

I know that this piece will attract some bashing, but maybe that's the way things must happen. It looks like some idiots never get it, at least not until they get arrested and receive fines larger than their monthly income.
And I'm speaking about the idiots who have recently blocked traffic on Broadway with their stupid burnouts and wheelies, acting like a bunch of baboons and seemingly looking for trouble.

Such morons have nothing to do with motorcycling, except for the fact that they happen to operate some bikes. Their behavior simply casts a very bad light on the biking community and I believe it's really hard to find some fellows who support them but who are decent riders in search of other things than attention from the passers-by.

However, I am not at all sorry to say that these chaps are as pathetic as it gets and their mindless actions will unfortunately trigger only bad results. I really hope the police identifies as many of them as possible and make these idiots pay.

As far as I know, wheelies are illegal under the New York State laws, so this event should be enough to generate fines and maybe more.

After the Manhattan Brawl incident I somehow hoped that the NYPD would keep a closer eye on such “street stuntmen,” but it looks like things are still a long way from being dealt with.

It's hard to believe that nobody called 911 and there was no police cruiser patrolling in the area. Something IS wrong! And with such idiots having their way in the middle of the street and leaving without being punished, it will not be exactly long until a driver snaps and plows through these idiots, running them over, breaking bones and even worse.

And then we'll most likely see a new wave of morons trying to defend the fallen, and speaking about road regulations, what's right and what's wrong, and all the nonsense we've just had in the Alexian Lien case.

To be honest, I think I miss a gene to grant me understanding of such acts. If you feel like you could give Ponomareff or Pastrana a run for their money, grab some GoPro cameras and have 2 or three friends help you put up a stunt to make the world gape in awe, then show it to the planet and tell everyone who the real boss is.

If you believe that wheelies in traffic and circles in the middle of Broadway are such a cool feat, then I am definitely sorry for your pathetic, misguided minds. You're even more stupid than I feared.

If you believe that this is a way to show support for Edwin Mieses, then again, your mind is not better than a baboon's in any way, save for some small details.

The only thing that makes me even sadder than watching these delusional idiots is that the police actions will hinder decent riding folk. And that is because not all the cops will be able to tell a bike thug from a guy who has nothing to do with such anti-social riding habits.

At the same time, it will provide an excuse to bike-hating cops to have their way when they need to feel superior, and thus I can already see an open door to police abuse.

Anti-biker laws have always been looming in the dark, and they tend to infringe basic liberties, truth be told. And all this because some mindless, pathetic, and frustrated star-wannabes, most of which never crossed the state line on a motorbike, let alone travel through the country, learn what biking is really about.
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