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Solar EVs Join Nissans, Subarus and VWs in Multi-brand Showroom

The new energy vehicles are steadily increasing their presence in the real automotive world, as the car industry is keen of offering green motoring alternatives.

The latest example that illustrates this is the introduction of EVs produced by Solar Electric Vehicle Co. (SEV) in the showroom of one Nissan, Subaru and Volkswagen dealer in Illinois, as Chicago Business reports.

North Shore Auto Group, based in Highland Park, decided that its dealership should also host the SEV EVs earlier this year, when the state authorities introduced a law that made solar powered cars street legal.

As we look at what’s going to happen to the transportation industry, we’re going to see a transformation in terms of energy usage,” Carey Chickerneo, co-owner of North Shore Auto Group was quote as saying by the aforementioned source. “We as a dealership want to position ourselves on the forefront of exploring all the different opportunities.

North Shore is believe to be the first U.S. combustion engine vehicles dealer to include solar powered cars in its offer.

The SEV solar EVs are basically more sophisticated golf carts and can carry two, four or six passengers. The entry level model of the range retails for around $6,000. The vehicle line-up also includes 14 seat trolleys that sell for $25,000. The EVs offer a financial advantage for customers, as they benefits of energy tax credits.

We salute this initiative and hope that the electric vehicle market will expand quickly, offering customers the chance to opt for environmentally friendly means of transportation.


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